Purified Water For Pure Souls

by Kumar Abhisek Bhuyan

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About the project :

This Campaign aims to provide Safe Purified Drinking Water to the children of Ashanilaya Orphanage in Bangalore.  We want to meet this urgent need of water by installing a Water Purification System.

Ashanilaya is a Home of Hope. It is home to 35 children; 21 orphan girls at Ashanilaya and 14 orphan boys at Ashagram. Their age varies from 6 years to 17 years. Only those children who are orphans, either of both the parents or with a single parent living in very deprived and difficult conditions are given admission. We aim to provide them a healthy and dignified life with opportunities of a brighter future. 

One of the many Challenges faced by Ashanilaya in accomplishing this Mission is a provision of safe drinking water.  For our water needs, we depend on the borewell water.  This water is not pure and is not very safe for drinking.  Hence, to ensure good health of our children, we purchase cans of purified water. Besides being a costly solution, it has many other limitations as often we face with empty water cans and no drinking water.  We want to solve this problem by installing a  water purification system. We don’t have money to buy it. By contributing to this Campaign, you would contribute to this noble cause of ensuring good health of these children.

About Ashanilaya: 

Ashanilaya's Mission is to give a New Hope and create a New Future  for orphaned and other vulnerable children with no one to care for them, with no homes and nowhere else to go, or living in difficult circumstances with little or no chance of a dignified existence. We endeavour to accomplish this by providing them with an environment with emotional and psycho-social support where they emerge empowered with the feeling of being wanted and are able to imagine a better future for themselves by dreaming big and having great ambitions. We do everything we can to ensure that they are put on the path to achieving their dreams and ambitions.

Ashanilaya carries out its mission by implementing  the following 7 key objectives:

  • Provide accommodation, food, education and love to the orphan and homeless children in a secure and safe orphanage home.
  • Provide medicine, primary health care and services to the children and people in the community who are economically poor and unhealthy.
  • Promote the children to become independent by developing their social, mental and intellectual capability through proper education and vocational training.
  • Coordinate and create job opportunities for the children as they grow up and leave the orphanage.
  • Educate and train the young women on skills useful for independent survival such as cooking and sewing.
  • Conduct an advocacy campaign to educate local communities about the care of orphaned and homeless children.
  • Establish linkages between government, NGO's and International NGO's to share best practices and resources.


Risks and Challenges :

There are no risks and challenges associated with this campaign.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Contribution is  not always  necessary in monetary terms.  We do prefer it in order to achieve the campaign target.  However, you can also support us by promoting our Campaign on Social Media, and by spreading a word around and motivating your friends and family to contribute to our Campaign

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