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About the project :

Despite the elevated position a woman enjoys of being worshipped as a Goddess, she is considered a source of amusement and paradoxically her rights and aspirations do not count. This story will showcase the diverse emotions of six different women.

What inspired Pramod to pick up the subject:
An incident with someone dear to me made me write the poem and when I recited this poem at various platforms both professional and personal, a lot of women connected and appreciated it. This really encouraged me and I decided to depict the same through a short film.









Every woman was once a little girl. Her father’s princess, her mother’s heart beat, her brother’s pride and sister’s best friend. She blossoms to become a dream of many young hearts and finally gives it away to that special man. She lives for him, cooks for him, gives him family, shares his joys and bitter time. And finally dies in peace. Is a woman’s life really this? We differ; she’s the most mysterious creation of the universe. She defines colors, freedom, suspense, power, sweetness, motherhood, friendship and a hope. In India however we have grown up seeing her being an object. An object of obsession for some and desire for others; There are some who want to possess her, others who want to own her; Whatever it is. Our objective is how can this issue be attended to and brought to limelight? 
Pinjra is a compilation of such occurrences in the life of 6 women, who go through these emotions. The movie showcases the emotional dilemma faced by her when she is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and so on. Pinjra is a story of 6 women, all in different stages of life fighting with their own sentiments.

Risks and Challenges :

There are always risks and challenges when making a film - actors dropping out, locations and/or sets not available, unforeseen costs, equipment trouble, etc. We feel we are up to the challenge, and have proved ourselves to be 100% capable of completing this project. Our previous project, FEARLESS was just as ambitious, just as challenging, and we completed it in a timely manner. We are a proven team and we feel we have all the skills, contacts and resources necessary to complete our project.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Contribution is not always necessary to be through monetary funds. If you like our campaign, you can support our cause by promoting our campaign on social media, spreading messages and encouraging people to contribute to the campaign.

I am making short movie and the idea is "I have met so money people in Pune and Mumbai those are coming here to achieve their goal, by making this movie will give them a chance of employment. These people lost money by searching job and trying luck in the film industry after getting nothing they go for suicide or start taking drugs, alcohol and etc. To save the life of this kind of people I have started making movies." Looking valuable support. Thanks

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