Edges Of Love

by Harshit Nagar

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About the project :

‘Edges of Love’ is one such compilation of music and poetry, which will bring forth the meaning of true love in a different way. The project showcases love that exists amongst us at different stage in life, through their compilation to be shot at the places where one finds love in the atmosphere. These are the places which have witnessed numerous love stories and have been an integral part of those stories.


                                                                    Millennia gone by,
                                                             Since we imprinted our souls,
                                                                In the presence of God,
                                                                  With the seal of love.

                                                              We have been the seeker,
                                                                      And the sought;
                                                                Immortal particles dancing,
                                                                 In the whirlwind of naught.





‘Edges of love’- it is a colourful rainbow of seven nodes of music and a garland of words making colourful poetries to chase the happiness of love, we are not bound within any age factor, we feel free in the sky of love when music gives us the power to brighten up hearts, we smile at each other to see love shining bright in our poetries and songs, giving some a new way to relive the moments they have missing out.


The campaign of the group is to hold the running clock and showcase that it’s love that makes us smile, sometimes it’s when we see shining eyes admiring us, sometimes when a glimpse is all that can make a day, sometimes when nothing matters but just a presence of the loved one makes all the difference, the madness that runs in our veins to be there forever, sometimes it is about waiting eyes, sometimes it is about the deadly silent time, knowing the fact that few seconds are there to share and a decade went into planning, after all it’s is just about being together.

The songs which the group will compose will comprise of different emotions expressed at different stage in life:

Innocence- The lovethat brews upbetween two hearts - passing the vibes, living the days of attraction and eagerness.A single class that is attended thrice just to sit next tohim/her;it’s all about the innocent smile and the glittering eyes that can be witnessed and felt forrest of the life.

Madness- When the colour of love is at its brightest face, and being together is of upmost priority, with promises and commitments to live together forever are made, and no one else seems to be in life except that special one, when tears are shed for being apart.

Wedding Promises- it’s not just about two people but two families who get together;the newly wedded search reasons to share moments to know each other, to live in each other’s world and to blossom up the bond that has just begun. They spend nights beneath the dark sky,as finally love is now forever to cherish.

Last days of life-Love that has reached to a platonic point, unaware of signs of beauty and youth, with each other to grab every moment they have missed in life. When nothing remains to be achieved,except supporting two shaking hands and weave together the love in the sky.


Risks and Challenges :

As with any recording project there are challenges throughout the process. Once this project is funded, we will start this journey into what will certainly be an amazing new album with new music videos. Thank you for partnering with us!

Other Ways You Can Help :

Contribution is not always necessary to be through monetary funds. If you like our work and profile, you can support our cause by  promoting our campaign on social media, spreading message and encouraging people to contribute to the campaign.

Amazing idea to show the "edges of love" for the people at all stages of their life. Give love- spread love. Great idea guys. you'll rock. Good luck guys

Edge of love awesome work. Always believe in unique creation and you totally nailed it. Harshit and his team doing things in a new and organized way. keep it up :)