Kalam- An Educationist, a Dreamer

Dr. APJ Kalam

Teachers don’t teach to earn a living – teachers teach for they see a million dreams in the eyes of students they teach, teachers teach for they want to see those million dreams come true some day, teacher teach for they want those dreams to make lives of us and yours better.

On his Birthday i.e. we wish to pay our tribute to our very own People’s President and teacher, a man who took India to greater heights, a man who is an inspiration to all. The Missile Man of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

He once said ‘We must think and act like a nation of a billion people and not like that of a million people. Dream, dream, dream!’ He was an an eminent scientist, administrator, writer, ex-president and last but no the least an educationist, who left this world while delivering his last lecture in IIM, Shillong.

The mere mention of the word last lecture reminds us of – “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” – given by professor Randy Pausch. At the time of the lecture Pausch, aged 47, was suffering from acute malignant pancreatic cancer and was expected to have a maximum of 6 months to healthy life and hence he chose to make his last lecture upbeat, a lecture that would inspire generations to come.

Had Randy Pausch been alive today – he would have definitely been in awe of Mr. Kalam – who – lived and died doing what he loved the most i.e. the proximity of youth of the country, talking to them, inspiring them to not only follow their dreams but help others to follow theirs.

Mr. Kalam, a man of great talent and repute who excelled in multiple disciplines always wanted to be remembered as a teacher. Such was his passion towards youth. He wanted to inspire people to have a dream, a great one, a vision and the vigor inside to make it come true. Loved and respected by all, Mr. Kalam was also a writer and had also written several books including Wings of Fire, India 2020, Ignited Minds aiming to guide the youth of India to unleash their creativity, to dream and transcend

Once during an interview to a newspaper, he quoted ‘Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual. Youth have a dream and also they have a pain. The pain comes out of their dream; they want to live in a prosperous, happy and peaceful India. This type of student’s environment ignites me and leads me to interact with young minds.”

Not only students but the young crowd used to write to him for his advice. He made sure to respond to each and every email. He was the most humble and noble of the president and was ever ready to meet students, teenagers and youngsters. He not only used to meet them and discuss ideas but also he used to follow up with them on status on the discussed ideas.

Post his presidential tenure, Mr. Kalam devoted his passion towards teaching by involving himself with various universities in India. He used to travel to farthest of the educational institutes to meet and educate students. With the ideology that the ‘Students should never be made to wait’, he made sure that he is never late for his lecture. Once, during one of his lectures, there was a power failure in the auditorium. He didn’t let the interruption come in the way of his teaching. He walked up to the students – asked them to assemble around him so that every one could hear him properly and continued delivering the lecture.

He believed that the tomorrow lies in the hand of the youth and the students of today. And thus their time should be respected, their ideas be heard and their thoughts be allowed to bloom. They should be provided with enough encouragement and exposure to follow and accomplish their dreams.

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